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Is Nikki Bella Retiring After WrestleMania? Here’s What We Know


Last year at WresleMania, Brie Bella capped off her retirement match with the swankest-ass Yes Lock of all time. Now there are rumors that Brie’s sister (and Total Divas and Total Bellas costar) Nikki could also be retiring due to lingering problems related to her neck injury and surgery, as well as to focus on her personal ventures and perhaps — PERHAPS — finally start a family with her longtime significant other, John Cena.

Anyone who has tuned into more than a couple of episodes of Total Divas knows that Nikki and Brie are business partners, and have a lot of ventures going on at any one time. They have their Birdiebee underwear line, they just launched their own Bellas-exclusive YouTube channel, and maybe they’re getting into the wine business?

Anyway, the latest rumors about Nikki are that her neck is giving her problems again, so it would behoove her to retire sooner rather than later. She’s also just been named an executive producer on Total Divas, which is a pretty significant move and one that would take up even more of her time than just appearing on the show. The Wrestling Observer reports that WWE’s current plan for WrestleMania is for her and Cena to team up and face The Miz and Maryse in a mixed tag team match, and that “there is a lot of talk” it may be Nikki’s final match, but nothing has been confirmed on either front.

Inquisitr is speculating (based on not much, it seems, but speculating nonetheless) that the match may culminate in a WrestleMania proposal from Cena to Nikki. Cena has famously been opposed to marriage in the past, but Nikki herself said recently that he has been more open-minded about the idea as of late. For what it’s worth, Dave Meltzer of the Observer did note that a proposal would be one of the only things to make sense to make this WrestleMania match truly memorable, which WWE tends to strive for at the biggest show of the year.

So we’ll have to wait and see, but the rumblings are there, anyway. We may very well get two Bella Twins sendoffs two years in a row at WrestleMania. Leave the memories alone.

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