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Mom Has Two Sets Of Twins, But She’s Not Impressed With Big Sister In Photo Shoot

Juliet Cannici is a mother and a photographer. When she posted photos of her two sets of twins, they instantly went viral.

“I posted the photo as my cover photo on Facebook the day I took it, as well as on my business Instagram page, and from there it just took off,” she told TODAY.

She and her partner, Nikki Cannici, were stunned to be having another set of identical twin girls after having fraternal twins.

“We went through our whole pregnancy saying, ‘I can’t believe we are having twins again’ … and we still are saying it to each other in the wee hours of the morning while we are both huddled in bed feeding Gia and Gemma,” Juliet said.

Big sister Siena was very much unamused by the ordeal, but the photos were adorable nonetheless.

“I had the older twins dressed up in adorable outfits I rented… I was so set on capturing Nico and Siena holding the babies in those outfits,” Juliet said. “Nico and Siena were so bored with me, the photos looked terrible. I took them out of their fancy rental clothes and let them play for a bit, then brought them back into the studio for another attempt.”

One of the more stunning photos is of the twin sisters snuggling together in a basket.

“They were perfect and I couldn’t have asked for more. They immediately held hands and wrapped the other arm around their baby sisters. I got their big smiles by asking them to ‘act goofy’ which they recently decided is just a hilarious saying. We will cherish that photo forever,” the mother said.

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