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Kate Nash to Snapchat: ‘Where’s my paycheck?’


Snapchat has been having some fun with music on the app. Last month, they helped Ed Sheeran debut 30-seconds of his new song “Shape Of You” via a lens, where users could don blue sunglasses and dance amid fictional disco lights. 

But not everyone is playing along. Kate Nash, an English singer-songwriter perhaps best known for the song “Foundations,” accused Snapchat of stealing the rights to that exact song. She broadcasted her accusation on Twitter Friday, posting a video of her using the lens:

Hi @Snapchat Do you pay ppl for the use of their work? Been off a record label now for 5 years. Is this legal? I should be paid PLS RETWEET pic.twitter.com/9qq9iKltFG

— Kate Nash (@katenash) February 17, 2017 Read more…

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