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Five Things You Need to Know About Online Dating

Five Things You Need to Know About Online Dating

The world has drastically changed since the early 90-s when computers were

huge and could barely handle simple operations. Now basically every step you take

in your life is somewhat related to the Internet. Wanna buy something? Find it

online. Need some information? Google it. Like a girl from your gym? Seek her profile on Tinder.

Talking about dating, we should discuss it in details. People successfully use online services to meet their significant others but sometimes bump into totally unexpected problems with online dating. So what are those things you need to know about dating services?

We asked our kind friends, single Russian brides, to help us and here’s what they provided us with:

1. Decoy profiles.

Did you know that some dating services use decoy accounts as a marketing methodology? They basically add fake profiles with attractive photos to make you swipe and swipe again. Such accounts can even respond to your messages with scripted phrases. Of course, they would eventually stop responding. So if you find the conversation you are having strange and your potential date stops responding, don’t get frustrated – it might just be a decoy profile.

2. Choosing is winning.

People often say that online dating sites and applications are great because you shouldn’t just choose someone and communicate exclusively with him or her.

Well, here’s a catch – when you do not focus on someone, you basically cannot understand who you like the most (or appreciate at all). By focusing on communicating with a number of people, you give yourself a chance to understand your own feelings and cravings. In the end, even polygamorous partnerships rarely consist of more than three people.

3. Pre-meeting research.

You have probably heard about scammers and criminals that swindle money from people using dating services and applications.

Unfortunately, this phenomenon actually exists, although the buzz around it is somewhat exaggerated. To keep away from frauds, crazy people, and maniacs, you can conduct your own investigation prior to your first meeting. Having just little bits of information, like his or her name, photograph, and age, you can find much more and, therefore, avoid meeting someone you would avoid in real life.


4. Your photo is you.

The problem with online dating is that you cannot see your potential date in flesh and, therefore, you cannot adequately evaluate the situation. But remember that your profile image is basically your online face. It’s especially important for such applications as Tinder where the decision to avoid or start a conversation solely depends on the photo you uploaded. It should clearly depict your face without massive sunglasses or hats. And you’d better upload an image where you are alone—having family or friends on your photo shows that you are sweet and sociable but still confuses potential dates.

5. It takes time.

Can you guess what disappoints the most about online dating? People assume it takes too much time to find a date (while it is actually simpler and takes less time if you do it right). This belief stems from the fact that people expect that if you sign up on a dating site, you should immediately get numerous messages regardless of your attitude and physical appearance. Likewise, people get frustrated when getting repeatedly rejected by someone on the Internet. What you need to remember is, if you want to find someone real and special – it will take a reasonable amount of time and efforts.

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