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Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi talk reuniting for ‘Tangled: The Series’


We already know that Tangled‘s Rapunzel (Mandy Moore) and Eugene (Zachary Levi) got their happily ever after — thanks to the sequel short Tangled Ever After, which took us inside the romance (and chaos) of their wedding day but the beloved Disney movie also told us that it took years before our long-haired leading lady accepted Eugene’s proposal and agreed to tie the knot.

That’s where Tangled: The Series comes in. Kicking off with a Disney Channel Original Movie, Tangled Before Ever After, on March 10, the new show explores the time between the first film and its wedding-themed sequel. It follows Rapunzel as she acclimates to her new life in the kingdom of Corona and gets to know her parents, her future husband and herself after years of being locked away from the world, and the stars are eager to revisit their fan-favorite roles, as they discuss in Mashable‘s exclusive sneak peek above.  Read more…

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