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I Want To Show My Kids That My Love Reaches So Far!

Hello fellow travelers! I am on a mission to collect handwritten notes for my kids from every country around the world! I am doing this as a way to show them all the many beautiful landscapes and cultures of the world. Also, I want to show them that when people work together we can accomplish something great! I have been able to talk to hundreds of people from around the world and have yet to meet a rude person.

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I was told about bored panda by one of the sweet people that did a picture for me. I currently have a good deal of countries but I am still missing quiet a few!

If you see this post and you are at a famous landmark, beautiful place, or are in a country other than the United States would you please take 2 minutes and write down a little note like the one below and snap a picture of it?

My message is:

Lily, Karson, and Kipp,

Your mommy’s love is so big it reaches ______.

If you comment on my post I will get with you and have you email it to me. Thank you!

More info: Instagram



Karachi, Pakistan



Faroe island

The Great Wall

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