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Proposing to your loved one: a few essential steps

“Will you marry me?” Such a simple question, and yet it still so difficult to ask it. Creating a family is quite a big decision for each couple and, of course, everyone wants this moment to be remembered for a long time.

This article will provide some tips on how to do it and what you shouldn’t do when asking for your bride’s hand.

How to propose to a girl you love

Talk about your future family life

Before proposing, talk about how both of you see your family life. Make sure that your significant other wants this kind of life and that you agree on the basic issues, for example, on plans for children.

Make a surprise

Although you may have already talked about your family life, the proposal itself should be a surprise. Choose the moment when she doesn’t expect it.

Find the right engagement ring

A wedding ring should be chosen correctly, don’t forget that your bride will have to wear it. Maybe you should try to ask which one she would like when walking past a jewelry store window, or try to understand it from a conversation. You can ask her mom or girlfriend to help with choosing a ring.

Learn in advance if she wants to choose the ring herself

Most brides will be happy to receive the ring along with the proposal, but some are very scrupulous in choosing jewelry and want to buy or order a ring themselves.

Talk to her parents

It has been a long time since girls were considered a property, and their marriage required the consent of their fathers. But still, there is something touching and respectful in asking her parents for the blessing. If you get along with them well, of course.

Choose a special place

Remember your favorite romantic places and choose the best of them. Perhaps it would be the place where you first met, or where you spent your first date. Or you will take her to Paris; it’s up to you.

Be creative

Use some unique features of your character, her favorite toys, etc. Let your proposal be remembered.

Stand on one knee

Yes, it’s not the 50-s anymore, but it’s still so charming and romantic when a man gets on one knee and asks his loved one to marry him. Such trick will add some charm and seriousness to your proposal. And almost all the girls are very, very romantic inside.

Tell her why you want to marry her

Don’t just mumble four or five standard words; tell her that she is the one you’ve been looking for, say what means to you, and what you expect from your future relationships. You can say something like this: “My life has changed a lot since I met you. I became kinder and calmer. It’s hard for me to believe that I used to live without you. I want you to always be by my side. Will you marry me?”

What you shouldn’t do when proposing

Don’t turn your proposal into a show

According to Hollywood screenwriters, every offer of the hand and heart should be made in front of dozens of people. But if your loved one doesn’t say that she wants a noisy event, make it touching and personal. Most brides would prefer that at this moment there were only them and their loved ones. You still have all your life to tell the whole world about your family plans. But the proposal is made only once.

Don’t hide the engagement ring in food

A surprise is good, but hiding an engagement ring in a meal is a hackneyed thought. It has been shown in thousands of films and TV shows, so you won’t demonstrate your originality. But it will be much worse if your romantic proposal ends with a trip to the dentist’s office.

Don’t make a proposal during sports games

Any game is a loud and chaotic event. Even if your fiancée is the most reckless fan in the world, a stadium or other place for competitions will simply not allow you to get the attention and focus that this event deserves.

Don’t propose in front of her entire family

The proposal in front of her family is an unnecessary stress. Choose the moment when you are alone. Don’t worry about the others, you can tell them a little later.

Don’t propose right after you start dating

When you blinded by love, it’s quite difficult not to do anything stupid. You should wait until your relationships stabilize; it will only strengthen the marriage. Make sure that you know each other before you tie the knot.

Don’t expect that she will immediately say “yes” to you

You ask her to spend the rest of your life together; it’s an important decision. The girl doesn’t have to say “yes” at once just because you asked her. If she says that she’ll think about it, accept her decision and give her time to think about the proposal.

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