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Home Owner Trades 3-Bedroom House For An iPhone

Larry Else stunned members of his community when the real estate broker offered a three-bedroom home in exchange for an iPhone 6 or 32GB iPad in 2014.

“It’s a real listing,” realtor Larry told FOX 2. “This house is really not worth much at all.”

The owner dropped the price from $ 5,000 to just a new phone. The home was definitely a fixer-upper, but for any handy person, it would be a steal.

The windows were broken and there was no front door. In fact, the client Larry was representing had been mislead in the first place. The homeowner purchased the property for $ 41,000 in 2010, expecting to be able to profit from renting out the home.

What he didn’t know was that previous seller had bought it two weeks before for just $ 10,500.

Whoever buys the home will have to pay the $ 6,000 in back taxes on top of the device, but that hasn’t deterred any prospective buyers.

When the story went viral Else was flooded with interested owners. The unusual tactic has also attracted new clients for the realtor.

“I did get a call from a seller today who said ‘We’ve been having a hard time selling our house. We have it listed for $ 20,000. Could I get a 1994 Chevy for this house?’” Else said.

Would you ever trade a home you had a hard time selling for something else of similar value? Let us know in the comments!

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