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Yoga For New Dads

I recently became a dad and there’s a big change in my everyday routine where I am learning a lot of new skills, I have started calling these newly acquired skills “asanas” and I call the routine “Yoga for new Dads” and have been illustrating them. It’s been a fun way to look at parenting which I’m sure many of you will agree, is not easy but an amazing experience nevertheless. I have enjoyed turning my small experiences into these illustrations and I hope you enjoy them too.

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Coffee machine “Asana”

Layup “Asana”

Skype “Asana”

Instagram “Asana”

Sketch “Asana”

Sleep “Asana”

Three second rule “Asana”

Lullaby “Asana”

Nappy change “Asana”

Body suit asanas

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