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If you want more than just a friendship?

If you want more than just a friendship?
She is very good-looking, exciting personality and successful. It’s easy for her to make new acquaintances. She gets to know with men, who pleased to become friend with her, but that’s all. It’s nothing personal; they talk about affairs with other women. There are too many talks about the possibility of friendship between man and woman. Some say it’s impossible because there were differences between them. Others remain positive, that at least one in a couple is openly or tacitly in love.
The second one can react to this claims very differently, preferring to ignore or truly doesn’t notice. It’s really hard for a girl to untie this bundle of unspoken waiting when a guy carefully maintains the only friendly level of contacts. You get stuck in hope that once everything will change. He likes to spend time with you as a friend, who can listen and help in an hour of need. You know exactly, the two of you would make a great couple. And what’s worse is, it keeps you from dating someone else because you have focused on him and don’t want to lose this chance. Every time, he is newly single, you think, that it’s a great opportunity for him to notice you…finally. You hope one day he realizes that you were nearby all this time.
If you are one of them and are trapped in a similar situation, most likely it’s a result of your behaviour mistakes. If you want to attract man’s attention, don’t try to be a loyal friend for him. You will simply remain him a sister. Alternatively, you were so happy, after meeting him that went too far in signs of attention. And he understood that your only wish is to be with him and he should do anything in keeping your interest.
If you expect to get a man of your dream, maybe you should act differently. Let’s discuss several possible solutions. We gathered them with the help of our friends from Russian brides site.
Stop being his psychotherapist.
Maybe, your friend likes to talk about girls and to get a friendly advice and you give it because these conversations show your importance for him. This fact prevents your man from seeing you as an object of love. Just say: “Can we never have talked about this?”
Don’t be afraid to express disagreements.
If you say only “yes” and keep silent about true opinions and tastes, you will stop existing as a personality. Paradoxically, but disagreement can produce the increasing attraction and make your connection stronger.
Show him how sexy you are.
If you casually mention about your personal life, guess how fast his imagination will work in the same direction. And it turns out you are really interesting for someone as a woman, that’s a new one. What do you think, where it goes?
Be busy.
You needn’t to be ready for every time he calls. The victims of “friendly trap” usually have a temptation to drop everything and run to the rescue. But if you have own life, it will have an effect of elevating man’s interest in you. Some intrigue makes him more curious and a full interesting life makes you less obsessed with this relationship.
Contribute more physical contacts to your relationship.
Touch to him during walking or talking, take a hand showing support or kiss on the cheek saying goodbye – all these make physical contacts usual. It evokes your and his sexuality. If you have a tactile contact with friends or colleagues, it will be easier to touch a man of your dreams. Usually, man can’t find a right moment for coming closer. If contacts become more naturally, you won’t have to wait for too long and he won’t make up ridiculous excuses.
If all these actions don’t help, let alone this idea. This is not a man of your dream. Let him stay your friend. You can always dream about someone else.

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