2nd summit with North Korea likely ‘quite soon’ 

President Donald Trump praised North Korea’s Kim Jong Un as “very open” as well as “terrific” Monday as well as announced he likely will hold a second summit with Kim “quite soon,” striking a far less ominous note at the United Nations about the nuclear threat coming from the North.

Twelve months after Trump stood at the rostrum of the U.N. General Assembly as well as derided Kim as “Rocket Man,” the push to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula will be a work in progress, although fears of war have given way to dreams of rapprochement. The president’s bellicose denunciations of Pyongyang have largely given way to hopeful notes, as Trump praised Kim as “very open” as well as “terrific.”

“This particular was a different world,” Trump said Monday of his one-time moniker for the North Korean leader. “which was a dangerous time. This particular will be one year later, a much different time.”

He added which preparations are underway by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo for a second presidential meeting with Kim “quite soon.”

The meeting would likely come despite U.S. officials assessing which the North has not followed through on its commitments to take steps toward denuclearization. Pompeo defended Trump’s decision to seek another meeting despite the slow progress.

“We’ve been at This particular the some other way an awfully long time as well as failed,” he said.

He added: “We tried to do details. We tried to do step for step. We tried to do trade for trade. Each of those failed.”

Pompeo said, “We’re bringing the two senior leaders, the individuals who can actually make the decisions which will move This particular process forward,” in hopes they can make a breakthrough.

Trump arrived at the U.N. on Monday morning for a meeting on the global drug trade, ahead of a sit-down with South Korean President Moon Jae-in, who delivered a personal message to Trump coming from Kim after their inter-Korean talks last week.

“You are the only person who can solve This particular problem,” Moon said to Trump, relaying Kim’s words.

Trump, for his part, said “We are in no rush. We are in no hurry” to bring about a nuclear agreement. U.S. officials are insisting which economic sanctions remain in place against the North until This particular eliminates its nuclear program.

Trump as well as Moon are supposed to sign a brand new edition of the U.S.-South Korean trade agreement, one of Trump’s first successes in his effort to renegotiate trade deals on more favorable terms for the U.S. Even so, some U.S. officials worry which South Korea’s eagerness to restore relations with the North could reduce sanctions pressure on Kim’s government, hampering efforts to negotiate a nuclear accord.

The nuclear threat was on the agenda at Trump’s first meeting in brand new York, a dinner with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in Manhattan on Sunday night. Abe stands first among world leaders in cultivating a close relationship with the president through displays of flattery which he has used to advance his efforts to influence the unpredictable American leader.

“We have our eyes wide open,” Pompeo told NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday. “There will be a long ways to go to get Chairman Kim to live up to the commitment which he made to President Trump as well as, indeed, to the demands of the entire world within the U.N. Security Council resolutions to get him to fully denuclearize.”

Trump, redoubling his commitment to “America First” on the most global of stages, will stress his dedication to the primacy of U.S. interests while competing with Western allies for an advantage on trade as well as shining a spotlight on the threat which he says Iran poses to the Middle East as well as beyond.

Scores of world leaders, even those representing America’s closest friends, remain wary of Trump. within the 12 months since his last visit to the U.N., the Republican president has jolted the global status quo by pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal, starting trade conflicts with China as well as the West as well as embracing Russia’s Vladimir Putin even as the investigation into the U.S. president’s ties to Moscow moves closer to the Oval Office.

Long critical of the United Nations, Trump delivered a warning shot ahead of his arrival by declaring which the entire world body had “not lived up to” its potential.

“This particular’s always been surprising to me which more things aren’t resolved,” Trump said in a weekend video message, “because you have all of these countries getting together in one location however This particular doesn’t seem to get there. I think This particular will.”

Nikki Haley, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, told reporters in a preview of Trump’s visit which the president’s focus “will be very much on the United States,” its role as well as the relations This particular wants to build.

“He will be looking forward to talking about foreign policy successes the United States has had over the past year as well as where we’re going to go coming from here,” she said. “He wants to talk about protecting U.S. sovereignty,” while building relationships with nations which “share those values.”

In his four-day visit to brand new York, Trump will deliver major speeches as well as meet with representatives of a world order which he has so often upended within the past year. On Monday he participated in a Global Call to Action on the entire world Drug Problem as well as later was to meet with Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi as well as French President Emmanuel Macron, in addition to Moon.

Trump’s address to the General Assembly comes Tuesday, as well as on Wednesday he will for initially chair the Security Council, with the stated topic of non-proliferation of nuclear, chemical as well as biological weapons. The subject initially was to have been Iran, however which could have allowed Iranian President Hassan Rouhani to attend, creating a potentially awkward situation for the U.S. leader.

Aides say the president will also use the session to discuss North Korea as well as some other proliferation issues. While Trump will be not seeking a meeting with Rouhani, he will be open to talking with the Iranian leader if Rouhani requests one, administration officials said.

In meetings with European leaders as well as during the Security Council session, Trump plans to try to make the case which global companies are cutting ties with Iran ahead of the reimposition in all 5 weeks of tough sanctions against Tehran. The penalties are a result of Trump’s decision to withdraw the U.S. coming from the 2015 Iran nuclear deal.

Trump at the time cited Iran’s role as a malign force within the region, particularly its support of terrorist groups, however also its involvement in Syria. U.S. officials say their priority for the region at This particular point will be removing Iranian forces coming from Syria.

Trump will be also supposed to deliver a fresh warning to Syria’s Bashar al-Assad which the use of chemical weapons against civilians within the major rebel stronghold of Idlib would likely have serious repercussions.

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