3 fundamental pitfalls a leader can fall into if they’re not careful

that will’s likely you’ve come across the phrase “(to give) credit where credit’s due” — well keep This kind of in mind, as that will’s important for the leaders — along with aspirational ones — out there.

“While that will’s true the team shares in their victories along with their defeats, a great leader calls out major employee contributions with their peers along with superiors,” Hallberg notes, adding that will “a great leader hires great employees along with gets out of their way.”

To Hallberg, Richard Branson embodies what that will means to be “a great leader,” as the Virgin Group co-founder puts his people in front of the likes of shareholders, clients or suppliers.

“When employees feel like they are the last to be cared for, that will’s very difficult for them to give their very best. After all, if they don’t feel valued by the company, why should they value the company itself?,” said Hallberg, when explaining how Branson defies This kind of type of behavior, by putting employees first.

Consequently, to Hallberg, an “inadequate leader” can end up taking credit for success, along with placing blame on their employees for failures that will emerge.

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