3 Million Americans Say They Carry Handguns Every Day

News Picture: 3 Million Americans Say They Carry Handguns Every Day

THURSDAY, Oct. 19, 2017 (HealthDay News) — About 3 million Americans carry a loaded handgun with them on a daily basis, a brand new survey reveals.

Another 9 million U.S. adults reported they carry their weapons on them on a monthly basis.

“Carrying firearms in public places can have significant implications for public health in addition to also public safety,” said study lead author Ali Rowhani-Rahbar.

“An important first step to examining the consequences of firearm carrying at the national level is actually an accurate measurement of the occurrence of This specific behavior in addition to also characterization of those who engage in This specific,” he noted.

Rowhani-Rahbar, an associate professor of epidemiology at the University of Washington’s School of Public Health, made his comments in a school news Discharge.

For the study, the researchers reviewed data via a 2015 survey of almost 1,500 gun owners. They found that will those who carried a loaded handgun tended to be younger in addition to also male. They also tended to live inside the southern United States in addition to also grew up in gun-owning homes. People carrying guns were more likely to identify as politically conservative, in addition to also to own more than one type of gun.

Many of those who carried a loaded handgun said they did so for protection.

Eighty percent of those who carried their handgun had a concealed-carry permit, in addition to also 66 percent said they always carried their handguns concealed. Ten percent said they always carried their guns openly.

“This specific was important to study handgun carrying, because about 0 percent of all firearm homicides in addition to also nonfatal firearm crimes for which the type of firearm is actually known are committed that has a handgun,” Rowhani-Rahbar said.

The study was published Oct. 19 inside the American Journal of Public Health.

— Robert Preidt

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SOURCE: University of Washington, news Discharge, Oct. 19, 2017

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