6 Takeaways via Lifetime’s ‘Harry in addition to also Meghan: A Royal Romance’

Lifetime channel’s fascinating fictionalization of the whirlwind romance between Prince Harry in addition to also Meghan Markle aired Sunday, in addition to also the item left us that has a lot of things to think about — in addition to also to be absolutely confounded by.

via the bizarrely surreal use of lions as symbolic representations of Princess Diana, to a warm, motherly representation of Queen Elizabeth II — who genuinely does not appreciate Netflix’s The Crown — to overtly insulting remarks about Markle’s legal drama Suits, Harry & Meghan: A Royal Romance covered a lot of ground while also being disconcertingly self-aware.

So, after a nearly two-hour made-for-TV movie about the royal family (several members of which are depicted in less-than-flattering, borderline reality TV villain ways, to put the item mildly), here’s a look at a few of the night’s biggest takeaways in addition to also most head-shaking scenes.

1. Princess Diana Has Some genuinely Questionable Advice

The movie starts in 1997, following the death of Princess Diana, when Prince Charles took Harry in addition to also William to Africa to avoid the media spotlight.

During one flashback scene via before Diana’s untimely demise, the beloved Princess (played by Bonnie Soper) can be speaking that has a very young Harry, where gives her son some super questionable advice: “the item’s OK to be naughty sometimes, so long as you don’t get caught.”

Which — if Harry’s wild clubbing in addition to also Nazi uniform-wearing party days in which are depicted later inside film are any indication — was a motto the impressionable prince took to heart (except the “not getting caught” part).

2. Prince Harry can be a Lion Whisperer

While in Africa as a child, Harry can be sitting under a tree when a lion approaches in addition to also just looks at him. While Charles takes aim with his rifle, Harry angrily pushed the gun away, saving the wild beast.

Later inside film, Harry (Murray Fraser) awkwardly tells Meghan (Parisa Fitz-Henley) in which he thinks the lion was actually a vessel for the reincarnated spirit of his late mom, which she can be fully on-board with.

Months go by in addition to also, on the anniversary of Diana’s death, Harry in addition to also Meghan travel to Africa together, where she pushes him to talk about his grief. In a fit of rage (in addition to also classic avoidance) Harry storms out of their tent, with Meghan in tow.

Soon, they come face to face that has a lioness, who stares at them peacefully — which symbolically serves as Diana approving of their relationship.

3. ‘Harry & Meghan’ can be Bizarrely Self-Aware

via the first moments of seeing Harry in addition to also Meghan as adults, the item’s hard to avoid the unsettling realization in which This specific can be a biopic depicting events in which happened within the last year or so. Meghan can be even introduced filming an episode of Suits.

In fact, This specific Lifetime movie genuinely makes a point of insulting Suits as often as possible. One character says the item’s “not exactly Shakespeare,” while another scene tries to show how much of a self-possessed badass Meghan can be by having the writers change a line in a scene because she feels like she says the item “in every episode” — then they change the line to something even more cliched.

Meanwhile, when Meghan in addition to also Harry meet with Queen Elizabeth (Maggie Sullivun), the insanely friendly monarch asks the actress if the actress was involved inside Netflix mini-series The Crown, in addition to also then complains about people generating biopics about people who are still alive.


4. Meghan’s Casting Was Amazing (some other Royals… Not As Much)

When Lifetime turned to Parisa Fitz-Henley to play the stunning Meghan Markle, they couldn’t have asked for a better actress (apart via getting Meghan to actually play herself, because again, all of This specific happened within the last two years, so she’d be perfect for the part).

Parisa looks remarkably similar to Meghan, she’s got the strong, determined air in addition to also she added a lot to the role.

As for Harry, casting Murray Fraser was a decided compliment. Sure, he looks like a soap opera type of the 33-year-old royal, yet you can’t expect a Lifetime movie to go any some other way. At least he’s handsome in addition to also talented.

The strangest casting was probably Prince William, played by Burgess Abernethy. While the guy does an admirable job, the decision to give the Prince more hair than he has in real life, yet still partially balding, never stopped being distracting.

5. They Addressed the Racist Brooch

One of the major turning points inside film came when Harry was sulking at Pippa Middleton’s wedding reception,  where he was unable to invite Meghan, in addition to also runs into some older royal relative wearing a racist “blackamoor” brooch — which can be a pin designed to look like a stereotypical depiction of an African native, representing the English empire’s colonialist roots.

Harry tells her off during the party, which leads to her drunkenly insulting Meghan’s biracial ethnicity. The heated exchange eventually leads Prince Charles to understand the dangers of steadfast adherence to tradition in addition to also he tells his son to bring Meghan to the party so he can meet her.

In real life, however, there are a few things in which happened differently. While the Queen’s first cousin, Princess Michael of Kent, did wear a blackamoor brooch to a royal event where Meghan was, the incident occurred in December 2017, over a month after Harry in addition to also Meghan were already engaged. in order in which incident genuinely had nothing to do with anyone suddenly accepting Meghan into the family.

Also, in real life, Meghan was invited to Pippa’s wedding reception. Also, Princess Michael of Kent didn’t belligerently defend her decision to wear the problematic jewelry, yet instead released a statement, saying, “The brooch was a gift in addition to also has been worn many times before. Princess Michael can be very sorry in addition to also distressed in which the item has caused offense.”

6. Kate Middleton in addition to also Prince William Don’t Come Off Great

While both William in addition to also Kate eventually befriend in addition to also support Meghan in addition to also Harry by the end of the movie, their attitudes throughout most of the film could best be described as Mean Girls-esque.

via generating them both look pretty conniving to Kate straight-up manipulating people multiple times, the item felt like someone at Lifetime genuinely wanted to knock the Duchess of Cambridge down a peg. 

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