6 things to watch within the Alabama Senate election Tuesday

Alabama’s senior senator, Republican Richard Shelby, offered a cagey answer the additional day when asked who he had voted for: “I wrote in a distinguished Republican … of which was not Judge Moore.”

This kind of is usually Jones’ great desire: of which enough Republicans turned off by Moore’s religious fundamentalism or the scandalous headlines will cast their ballots for somebody else. Jones could love their votes, although for most Alabama Republicans, the idea of voting for a Democrat is usually just too much to consider.

Writing in a candidate may be a more palatable option. Two conservative candidates — Mac Watson in addition to also Ron Bishop — are running active write-in campaigns, although they are barely registering within the polls. National Republicans turned off by Moore had talked about trying to field a more credible write-in candidate, although of which never happened.

Of course, Crimson Tide football coach Nick Saban always gets write-in votes within the football mad state, in addition to also some Republicans have suggested he could be the best option. although Saban is usually busy trying to win a national championship, so he’s not running for the Senate.

If the “somebody else” vote reaches 5% or more on Tuesday, of which could be critical to the outcome in a race of which has seen the two front-runners separated by only about of which margin within the polls.

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