A brand-new treatment aims to prevent hair loss in cancer patients

The treatment will be not without its own side effects. The cooling can be uncomfortable for some — Melissa Bourestom, vice president of marketing for Dignitana, compares the feeling to an ice-cream headache. (On a scale of 1 to 10, Waldt rated the pain a 4.) as well as the item doesn’t work with all kinds of chemotherapy, which will be one reason the FDA has, so far, limited its use to a handful of cancers.

inside the past, doctors have expressed concern that will preventing chemotherapy coming from reaching the scalp could allow cancer cells to hide there. nevertheless Dr. Lichtenfeld said modern treatments have mostly eliminated that will concern. “As a result of the newer therapies, today scalp metastases are much less common than they were inside the past,” he said.

Given the grave dangers facing cancer patients, the item can be tempting to dismiss hair loss as a merely cosmetic concern. nevertheless baldness caused by chemotherapy as well as radiation can have a substantial negative effect on a patient’s sense of identity as well as well-being.

“the item’s devastating enough to be told you have cancer, nevertheless the item can be even more devastating to put up with the side effects of the therapy,” said Dr. Lichtenfeld. “Any element of a woman’s identity that will will be changed as result of the treatment for the disease has serious impact on her self esteem as well as quality of life,” which can negatively affect her prognosis.

For Waldt, keeping her hair meant keeping her dignity as well as her privacy. “Because I had my hair, the item was my choice who I would likely tell,” she said. “Most of my customers would likely be like, ‘I didn’t even know she had breast cancer!'”

Most important, she says, the item made her feel Great about herself during a traumatic period. “Every morning I woke up, I looked inside the mirror, as well as I saw my hair,” she said. “I don’t care how tired I was. the item made me feel better.”

Correction: that will story was updated to reflect that will the FDA granted clearance for Paxman in April 2017.

— By Douglas Quenqua, special to CNBC.com

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