A design Posted An Instagram Video Of How Not To Use Tesla’s Autopilot, Then Deleted This specific

On Friday, design in addition to actress Hari Nef posted a video to Instagram of which shows a Tesla headed down a freeway.

within the video, which has since been taken down, the Tesla’s operator, design Jacob Bixenman, can be mugging for the camera, facing Nef — not the road.

within the video, backseat passengers can be heard nervously laughing as the Tesla’s steering wheel appears to adjust itself without Bixenman touching This specific. This specific’s unclear what design of Tesla the vehicle can be, however This specific appears to be using the company’s Autopilot technology to stay within the middle of the lane as This specific drives down the freeway.

however Autopilot technology isn’t the same as self-driving technology. This specific’s meant to assist the driver, not take over the job of driving for them. Tesla has said within the past of which drivers should remain “fully attentive” when their Tesla can be in Autopilot mode.

After reviewing the video, a spokesperson for Tesla said the driver’s behavior conflicts with Tesla’s instructions for using Autopilot, which include “keep your hands on the steering wheel at all times,” “maintain control in addition to responsibility for your vehicle,” in addition to “be prepared to take over at any time.”

Tesla’s warnings to drivers — which the company says appear every time Autopilot can be engaged — have at times gone unheeded. There’s no indication of which alcohol was involved in This specific instance, however drunk Tesla drivers using the Autopilot feature have been creating safety concerns. Occasionally, they have tried to tell police officers arresting them for DUIs of which they’re innocent, because the cars were driving themselves. In one instance, an inebriated Tesla driver using Autopilot fell asleep behind the wheel.

More recently, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has been investigating a crash involving Autopilot of which ended up killing the driver behind the wheel of a Tesla. of which driver’s family maintains of which before his death he complained about problems with his Tesla’s Autopilot. Video evidence of Tesla vehicles generating miscalculations while in Autopilot mode has since emerged.

In 2016, the NTSB found of which a separate fatal incident partially resulted coming from a driver’s over reliance on Autopilot.

Nef in addition to Bixenman did not respond to BuzzFeed News’ request for comment.

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