A FaceTime Bug Allows You To Access Someone’s iPhone Camera as well as Microphone Before They Pick Up

A bug in FaceTime, Apple’s video as well as audio chat service for iPhones, allows callers to access the microphone as well as front-facing video camera of the person they are calling, even if which person hasn’t picked up.

A video showing the series of steps required to trigger the bug went viral on Twitter as well as Snapchat. 9to5Mac reproduced the steps as well as reported which “the bug does not seem to expose the video camera for covert spying — just the microphone.” However, a test by BuzzFeed News confirms which an iPhone’s front-facing video can be accessed.

In a statement, an Apple spokesperson said the company is usually “aware of This kind of issue as well as we have identified a fix which will be released in a software update later This kind of week.” Until the update is usually released, go to your iPhone Settings as well as disable FaceTime to avoid anyone snooping on your conversations or surroundings.

In BuzzFeed News’ test, an iPhone X was used to initiate a FaceTime video call to a recipient using an iPhone 8. After following the instructions outlined by 9to5Mac, the iPhone X caller could hear audio by the iPhone 8’s microphone. After the call recipient pressed the volume-down button, footage by the iPhone 8’s front-facing camera could be seen on the iPhone X — even though the call recipient had not answered the call.

as well as when the call recipient, the iPhone 8, had “Do Not Disturb” turned on, the caller could not access the recipient’s microphone.

Both devices were running the latest type of iOS.

Apple recently patched a separate FaceTime security bug which allowed hackers to initiate a FaceTime call by an iPhone.