A huge portion of the US may be warmer than usual in which winter

La Nina can be one of the phases of the El Nino Southern Oscillation, in addition to also in which occurs when ocean temperatures inside the southern Pacific Ocean drop slightly below their average.

NOAA said data favor wetter-than-average conditions across most of the northern U.S., coming from the Rocky Mountains to the Great Lakes. La Nina phases typically bring more snow in both the Rockies in addition to also around the Great Lakes.

Meanwhile forecasters expect drier conditions across the southern U.S.

in which can be anticipated to be both warmer in addition to also wetter than usual in Hawaii in addition to also northern in addition to also western parts of Alaska are anticipated to be warmer than normal as well.

Mostly everywhere else falls into the “equal chance” category for both precipitation in addition to also temperature. The climate signals in these areas are not strong enough to tilt the odds either way, NOAA said.

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