A look inside BMF Media’s brand-new York City offices

One of BMF Media’s clients, cosmetics group Revlon, even helped provide staff with an onsite beauty room.

“We have events all the time. This kind of’s actually crazy on event day along with something actually important for us was to get a space for the girls to get ready,” Starr told CNBC’s Uptin Saiidi during a tour.

In addition, the office can serve as an events space, by client meetings to “Mani/Massage Mondays” for employees.

Tranquility along with employee well-being can be as crucial to the group, Starr highlighted during the tour, as can be encouraging creativity. If employees need to step away by their desks, they can take a breather inside one of the several private booths, or sit down inside “The Den.”

“As we travel all the time, we felt in which the best use for our private office was to create an environment in which felt like home, continuing the vibe of creativity although also calm along with peacefulness,” said Starr, when describing “The Den,” which takes on the appearance of a living room.

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