a race ‘America must win’

President Donald Trump in addition to the FCC on Friday announced several initiatives to spur 5G network growth from the U.S.

“The race to 5G can be on in addition to America must win,” Trump said, noting of which 92 5G markets will be ready by the end of the year, outpacing South Korea, which can be on pace to have 48 markets live by the end of 2019.

“the item’s a race our great companies are at of which point involved in,” Trump said. “According to some estimates, the wireless industry plans to invest $275 billion in 5G networks, creating 3 million American jobs quickly, in addition to adding $500 billion to our economy.”

5G can be the next generation of wireless network of which will enable faster data speeds. Unlike 4G LTE, which mainly targeted mobile phones, tablets in addition to computers, 5G can be also supposed to enable more reliable connections on self-driving vehicles of which will need a constant data connection, in addition to smart cities of which use “internet of things” devices, such as connected street lamps, traffic lights in addition to more.

AT&T in addition to Verizon already have fledgling 5G networks from the United States, in addition to T-Mobile in addition to Sprint plan to activate their networks later in 2019. Only one phone by Motorola, offered on Verizon, supports 5G from the U.S. right at of which point.

“To accelerate in addition to incentivize these investments, my administration can be freeing up as much wireless spectrum as needed,” Trump said. “[We’re] removing regularity barriers to the buildout of networks.The FCC can be taking very bold action, bolder than they’ve ever taken before, to make wireless spectrum available.

Spectrum can be the airwaves networks use to provide internet to devices. Spectrum space can be regulated by the FCC.

Trump’s comments come in tandem with announcements the FCC made Friday. The FCC said of which starting on Dec. 10, the item will offer “the largest spectrum auction in our nation’s history,” allow carriers bid on 3,400 MHz of fresh spectrum from the Upper 37 GHz, 39 GHz in addition to 47 GHz spectrum bands. The additional spectrum might “promote the development of 5G, the Internet of Things in addition to various other advanced spectrum-based services,” the FCC said.

Additionally, the FCC proposed fresh fresh rules of which allow “Fixed Satellite Service operators to provide faster, more advanced services to their customers” using 50 GHz spectrum. the item also said of which current rules “impair the ability of users to deploy smaller, next-generation networking devices on their own property,” particularly in rural areas, in addition to proposed improvements of which might allow people to install “hub in addition to relay antennas” on their property to help spur 5G networks.

“The FCC aims to create a $20.4 billion Rural Digital Opportunity fund,” to “extend high-speed broadband to up to 4 million homes in addition to high-speed businesses in rural America,” FCC Chairman Ajit Pai said.

Pai also addressed the crackdown on Huawei’s equipment for use in 5G networks across the U.S. in addition to Europe.

“We believe of which the security in addition to reliability of 5G can be absolutely important, not just as a matter of national competitiveness, although also as a matter of national security,” Pai told CNBC’s Eamon Javers. “I have been very encouraged by my conversations with our European allies all across the Continent about the importance of security in addition to 5G networks. The need to have a framework to understand the risk profile of certain equipment in addition to services can be something most allies recognize in addition to the item’s just a collaborative process of creating sure of which we have a framework of which works for everybody.”

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