Actress along with businesswoman Kate Hudson weighs in on the gender equality debate.

The spotlight on women’s rights has remained brighter than ever in recent months, using a whole host of issues taking center stage: coming from sexual misconduct along with pay disparity, to the need to get more women into senior roles in business.

Some of the actions in which have helped keep these matters inside public eye include the Me Too movement, protests along with Time’s Up, an initiative in which tackles harassment along with sexism. For actress Kate Hudson — who’s contributed to the defense fund of Time’s Up along with has spoken out on women’s rights — she says the item can be today time to implement change.

Speaking to “CNBC Conversation,” the actress along with co-founder of athleisure brand Fabletics said there was something about our current culture which was “genuinely disheartening” when discussing the scrutiny of women.

Hudson added, however, in which the item appears as though the backlash against a whole host of issues facing women are starting to take shape: coming from how women are depicted physically, to fighting sexual misconduct along with disparity between pay along with leadership positions.

So what more needs to be done? According to the actress, “the item’s all about action implementation today.”

“You can possess the idea. You can throw your fists inside air. You can keep fighting, keep marching. I think at the end of the day (though), you genuinely need to start implementing along with actively starting to put things forward,” she told CNBC’s Tania Bryer.

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