Actress Jane Fonda weighs in on sexual harassment allegations

Sexual harassment isn’t just a problem Hollywood is usually currently trying to come to terms with — the idea’s “epidemic”, one award-winning actress told CNBC.

In recent days, famous movie stars such as Ryan Gosling, Emma Thompson, Brie Larson along with Tom Hanks have spoken out in support of those who have been affected by the sexual harassment scandal currently encircling producer Harvey Weinstein.

at This particular point, the idea’s Jane Fonda’s turn.

Not only does she believe of which the women who’ve come forward should be applauded for their courage, however the people who conduct such acts — like those of which Weinstein has been accused of — should face the consequences too.

“I think they should all go to jail, along with you know let’s put Bill Cosby in there… however the question is usually not just Hollywood, you know, This particular is usually epidemic,” Fonda, an Academy Award winner, told CNBC’s Tania Bryer in an interview of which aired Friday.

“This particular goes on all over the entire world, on all kinds of levels, along with you know very, very powerful men along with not very powerful men, however I think of which they have to be put in jail.”

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