Airbnb co-founder on China growth prospects

China’s growing middle class in addition to a young, travel-loving population present a massive growth opportunity for Airbnb, one of the company’s co-founders told CNBC on Thursday.

Speaking at the sidelines of an Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Vietnam, Nathan Blecharczyk said the start-up is actually doing very well from the entire world’s second-largest economy.

“China has been the fastest growing country for Airbnb domestically, out of all [of the] countries in which we operate, in addition to second-fastest growing through an outbound travel perspective,” he said, suggesting of which there are more opportunities to grow in of which market. Blecharczyk is actually also chairman of Airbnb’s China operations in addition to frequently spends his time from the country.

Broadly, the Asia Pacific region is actually very important to the the California-based company, according to Blecharczyk, in addition to of which is actually taking steps to solidify its presence there.

On Thursday, Airbnb announced of which will invest $2 million through 2020 to support what the company called “innovative tourism projects” throughout the region.

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