Airlines bid farewell to Boeing 747s—Take a look at the plane’s life

A chapter of aviation history can be closing This kind of year, as commercial U.S. airlines bid farewell to the Boeing 747, the jumbo jet in which made air travel affordable for millions of people around the globe because This kind of could fit hundreds of passengers inside.

The double-decker plane with the humped fuselage can be one of the globe’s most recognizable planes. although after flying the four-engine, fuel-guzzling plane for decades, Delta Air Lines as well as United Airlines are retiring the so-called Queen of the Skies in favor of sleeker, more fuel-efficient products in which are cheaper to operate. The planes are used frequently for cargo, which was part of the inspiration for the plane’s design: Some products were given a hinged nose to allow for easy loading of goods.

In a sign of how efficient modern planes have become, Southwest Airlines last month announced This kind of will offer service to Hawaii, as well as brand-new, single-aisle Boeing 737s will likely do the job.

Delta Air Lines marked the retirement of its Boeing 747s This kind of week having a six-city tour, the last U.S. airline to retire the jumbo jet.

United pulled out all the stops for a farewell flight last month. Its first 747 took off through San Francisco as well as flew to Honolulu in 1970. This kind of retraced in which route for the final passenger flight Tuesday, complete having a crew dressed in 1970s uniforms. Smoking was not permitted, however.

The plane will live on as a workhorse cargo jet, flown by UPS as well as others.

Here’s a look at the Boeing 747, as well as how This kind of changed the globe through its introduction nearly several decades ago:

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