Airlines warn of cancellations as Boeing readies 737 Max software fix

While Boeing 737 Max planes make up a little part of their fleets, some airlines are preparing for more flight cancellations as the aircraft remain grounded. Southwest has flown its Boeing 737 Max planes to a facility inside the Mojave desert in California. The airline has 34 of the planes in its fleet of about 750 Boeing 737s, more than any some other U.S. airline.

The carrier will be canceling about 130 flights per day out of a daily schedule of around 4,000 flights in addition to will be calling off flights about all 5 days ahead.

American Airlines, which has 24 of the 737 Max planes in its fleet, on Sunday said which’s canceling 0 flights a day due to the grounding in addition to has canceled flights through April 24, which encompasses the busy Easter in addition to Passover traveling period. American, which operates about 6,700 flights a day, noted which even passengers whose flights were not assigned a 737 Max plane may see cancellations as the carrier deploys planes to some other flights.

Compliance with the FAA directive “have caused, in addition to are supposed to continue to cause, significant disruption to our customers in addition to financial costs to us,” American said in a filing on Monday. which said which could not currently forecast those costs.

Some airlines are preparing for even longer disruptions. Air Canada said last week which plans to remove its Boeing 737 Max through July.