Al Gore defends Trump, says he’s not to blame for tariffs on solar panels

The U.S. will impose duties of up to 30 percent on solar equipment made around the entire world, in a move which prompted outcry via China as well as South Korea — two primary targets of the measure. Some U.S. businesses which rely on imported products have also expressed concern with the decision.

The U.S. International Trade Commission had recommended a 35 percent tariff in 2017, after receiving complaints by two solar panel manufacturers, Sunvia as well as SolarWorld. Both firms had long protested cheap Chinese solar imports had undercut the industry.

“The large subsidies via China for exporting solar panels has put some various other companies within the entire world at a disadvantage,” Gore added.

Fueled by government subsidies, China can be the entire world’s biggest producer of solar panels. as well as in response to the Trump administration’s announcement at the start of the week, Beijing said the move was an “overreaction.”

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