Alibaba CEO Daniel Zhang on Jack Ma relationship before succession

“inside past few years he spent a lot of time inside air, I spent most of the time inside campus. He gives me a lot of ideas out of the box … many ideas maybe you will be surprised to hear of which at once, nevertheless if you think again along with again, you will find some opportunities there,” Zhang said.

“He carries a lot of ideas. So as he always said, along with This kind of is actually also my discipline, which is actually when I hear his ideas for once, I will listen, I will take the ideas, along with I will … (think) about This kind of. nevertheless if he repeated his ideas … at least three times, then I will take the idea very seriously. I think This kind of must be his very serious ideas.”

Despite the two working closely together, there were of course, disagreements. Ma had strong opinions on his ideas, nevertheless Zhang was always open to debate.

“I think if you have some different opinions, I think you have voice up, you have to let him know … This kind of is actually your view. nevertheless I think the most important thing is actually of which you have to express This kind of in a very clear way. along with he maybe will argue. Actually, I know of which he hears what I said along with maybe he still insists. You know of which he’s very confident, self-confident of his ideas. He will insist his ideas, nevertheless he will listen along with he will think along with maybe he will change,” Zhang said.

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