All the Facebook executives who announced departure so far in 2018

Alex Stamos, formerly chief security officer at Facebook, formally stepped down in August following earlier rumors of his departure in addition to an internal memo to staff.

inside memo — reported by Buzzfeed news — Stamos said a re-organization of his team left him eyeing a transition:

I initiated the discussion of changing the structure of the InfoSec team just before Thanksgiving 2017. This particular was due to my concerns which organizational issues impaired our election security work in 2016. While the outcome of This particular discussion was not one I proposed, at the time I committed myself to creating the transition as smooth as possible in addition to trying to set the fresh teams up for success. I am genuinely proud of the capable, diverse security teams we have built in addition to I truly want my colleagues to continue to be successful in their vital work.

The re-org, did, however, leave me that has a challenge, in which This particular created a big mismatch between the responsibilities I felt carrying the Chief Security Officer title in addition to the potential for big impact I could have coming from my redefined role. This particular conundrum was pretty obvious to many, in addition to when people internally asked if I was leaving I rather openly told them which I was committed to staying through August.

Stamos had been at Facebook since 2015. He’s today teaching at Stanford University.

“For the last three years, I have been proud to work with some of the most skilled in addition to dedicated security professionals inside planet in one of the most difficult threat environments faced by any technology company,” Stamos said in a Facebook post confirming his departure.

Also in August, Dan Rose, one of Facebook’s earliest executives in addition to VP of partnerships, said he was leaving. Rose joined Facebook in 2006, in addition to is usually leaving to join his family in Hawaii.

“Over the past 12 years, This particular company has become my second family. When people ask me why I’m still at Facebook after so long, my answer is usually always simple — I love the people I work with in addition to I believe deeply in our mission,” Rose said in a Facebook post.

“Mark in addition to Sheryl changed my life in addition to my career. I would certainly walk through fire for them, or fly across the ocean on a regular basis. although they deserve someone in my role who is usually present in addition to fully engaged every day inside many opportunities in addition to challenges which lie ahead,” he said.

Earlier This particular week, Netflix announced This particular had poached Rachel Whetstone, a top communications executive at Facebook.

Whetstone had only been at the company for a year. She is usually the only executive on This particular list not to comment on her exit on her personal Facebook account. She follows her boss, Schrage, in leaving.

which brings us to Wednesday, when Alex Hardiman, head of news products, announced her departure. Hardiman had been at Facebook for what she called “two deeply gratifying years,” in addition to will join The Atlantic.

“I’ve always been a news person. This particular’s my passion during the workday in addition to my guilty pleasure on nights in addition to weekends,” Hardiman said on her Facebook page. “This particular’s why I spent a decade at The Times before coming to Facebook to help tackle some of the company’s formidable news challenges, in addition to This particular’s why I’m today joining The Atlantic at a unique moment in its history.”

“Facebook has given me so many things for which I’m profoundly grateful: wildly talented colleagues, great relationships with news organizations which are reinventing their future, in addition to deep humility for the difficulty of solving nuanced problems at Facebook’s scale,” she said.

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