Amber Heard Opens Up About Living ‘Truthfully’ Following Divorce via Johnny Depp

Heard filed for divorce via Depp in May 2016, accusing him of being “verbally as well as also physically abusive” in court documents. The pair reached a settlement in August 2016, as well as also their divorce was finalized in January 2017. 

“I always tend to do things truthfully as well as also do the right thing. All I strive for in life can be never get the temptation to try to be well-liked, liked, accepted. of which’s never anywhere equal to the desire I have to live my life truthfully as well as also with dignity as well as also with pride,” Heard tells GQ Australia. “I wouldn’t be able to do of which if I wasn’t living honestly, so of which was never tempting to me to live another way.”

“No matter how unpopular or untenable my decisions were, of which was never tempting enough to live dishonestly,” she adds.

The actress, who has been filming Aquaman in Australia over the last month, also comments on the recent sexual misconduct scandals in Hollywood.

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