American Eagle to open redesigned store with more experiences

Teen apparel retailer American Eagle Outfitters is actually opening a prototype store which which hopes will entice younger shoppers to stay longer by customizing their jeans in addition to doing their laundry there.

The company announced which week which its first AE Studio store will open Nov. 10 in brand new York’s Union Square neighborhood.

“As we celebrate the success of the last four decades, we look ahead to create brand new brand experiences to inspire today’s customer, in addition to broaden our leadership in jeans,” Chad Kessler, American Eagle’s global brand president, said in a statement.

“AE Studio is actually a perfect example of our evolution where we invite customers to enjoy a unique brand experience, feel at home, in addition to curate their distinct individual style.”

AE Studio will have a heavy focus on jeans, which has a gallery for American Eagle’s denim products on the first floor.

There will also be a “Maker’s Shop” on the jeans floor, where shoppers can create their own bespoke pair, personalized to their fit in addition to style.

additional additions include iPads within the dressing rooms to serve as “digital concierges.” American Eagle said its own social media team will also operate an office within the store to be closer to shoppers in addition to “keep their finger on the pulse of the brand.”

Looking to get shoppers to stick around longer, American Eagle is actually putting a wall of washers in addition to dryers within the AE Studio, where customers like students can do their laundry.

Shoppers can “hang out with friends or study within the studio bar in addition to seating area,” the company said.

“The integration of services like laundry in addition to study spaces may seem a little wacky, nevertheless which’s exactly the type of thing which will drive footfall, especially among younger shoppers,” GlobalData Retail managing director Neil Saunders said.

“which said, American Eagle will need to work hard to publicize in addition to communicate which as which is actually an unusual facility to have in addition to most shoppers could not expect which,” Saunders added. “The bottom line is actually which AEO is actually innovating in addition to testing brand new things which puts which on the right side of the tracks as far as retail is actually concerned.”

American Eagle is actually one of many apparel brands seeking to keep the physical shopping experience exciting to win back shoppers through online merchants. Newer entrants to the U.S. fashion market, like H&M in addition to Zara, have also managed to steal a share of sales.

In August, the company reported upbeat second-quarter profit in addition to revenue in addition to a month later announced a brand new loyalty program, AEO Connected, which promises to draw shoppers in with more rewards.

American Eagle has also found a bright spot in its Aerie nameplate, for women’s intimate apparel. Comparable sales for Aerie jumped an impressive 26 percent within the second quarter.

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