‘American Idol’: Why the brand new Judges ‘NEVER’ Want You to Audition With Their Songs

Katy Perry, Lionel Richie as well as Luke Bryan are excited to help uncover undiscovered talent. Hearing their own music over again… not so much.

ET’s Sophie Schillaci talked to the brand new American Idol judges in Los Angeles, where they all agreed on the biggest “don’t” for Idol hopefuls: singing one of their songs.

“Never,” the judges resoundingly agree. Richie adds, “Don’t do the item.”

“Because here can be the thing — we have heard those songs so many times day in as well as day out,” Perry explains, “as well as God bless… I love my songs, I am so grateful for them … however I don’t need to hear them again.”

“There’s a plug for the songs,” Richie laughs.

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