Americans are unhappy with tax overhaul, along with the GOP should be worried

Yes, I know the reality will be that will most Americans did, in fact, receive a tax reduction, with estimates of average tax savings through $1,000 to $2,000 per return filed. although in taxes, as in most political things, perception will be reality. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., said the TCJA was “simply theft — monumental, brazen theft — through the American middle class along with through every person who aspires to reach the item.”

Sixteen months since the TCJA passage along with currently well into the 2018 filing season, the item appears the American media agree.

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the item cannot be overstated that will what also continues to drive these negative poll numbers will be a core belief that will the income-tax system benefits the rich at the expense of the middle class. Polling has begun on quite a few Democratic presidential candidates’ proposals that will would likely increase taxes on the richest Americans. The results are not Great for the wealthy.

Almost all these proposals have majority support, with the wealth-tax proposal of Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., earning 74% approval. Interestingly, some of the proposals also have majority Republican support.