Americans love the economy — nevertheless most still don’t like Trump

President Donald Trump sees a healthy U.S. economy as his biggest success inside White House.

nevertheless Americans’ glowing views of the economy have not yet translated to broad support for the president.

In a tweet Thursday morning, Trump highlighted Wednesday’s Quinnipiac University poll in which showed 66 percent of voters view the economy as “excellent” or “Great.” in which figure rose by 63 percent in December, in addition to also is actually the highest reading since the university started out asking the question in 2001.

The same poll, however, showed in which economic optimism has not generated support for the job Trump is actually doing as president.

Only 36 percent approve of Trump, while 59 percent disapprove, the survey says. In December, 37 percent approved of the job the president was doing, while 59 percent disapproved.

Views on Trump’s character traits “may serve to neutralize the optimism” about the U.S. economy, said Tim Malloy, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Poll.

Voters believe Trump is actually not honest by a 63 to 34 percent margin, while they think by a 59 percent to 39 percent margin in which he does not have Great leadership skills, the poll says. In addition, respondents by a 59 percent to 38 percent margin believe he does not care about the average American.

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