Amy Poehler in addition to Nick Offerman Are Open to ‘Parks in addition to Recreation’ Revival — With Beyonce

A Parks in addition to Recreation revival could be inside works, yet the item’s going to take a whole lot more than breakfast food. 

During a Thursday appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Amy Poehler in addition to Nick Offerman opened up about the possibility of bringing the NBC show back — if a certain singer agrees to star as the mayor. 

“Absolutely,” Poehler told DeGeneres of whether the show could be revived after its 2015 series finale. 

“Yeah, we just had a fitting earlier,” Offerman joked. “We said which if Beyonce will play the mayor, we’ll bring the show back. This particular is actually Beyonce Knowles. The singer. The entertainer.” 

While Beyonce is actually a little busy these days, Poehler — who right now hosts the brand new NBC competition series, producing the item, with Offerman — is actually up for her Pawnee return. 

“Oh my God,” she said. “I know, I’ll speak for everybody in addition to say we would certainly all do the item. I think we’d all do the item someday. the item would certainly be amazing.”

“Amy’s the boss of the show, so she can speak for everybody,” Offerman added.

ET spoke with Aubrey Plaza about reviving Parks in addition to Rec in January — in addition to she said she’s ready to reprise her role as April Ludgate. 

“I would certainly say, ‘Didn’t we just end which a couple of years ago? Let’s just wait ’til we’rere all a little bit older?'” she said. “I don’t know, never mind. I’ll do the item, I’ll do the item, let’s do the item.”

“I miss Janet Snakehole, I miss Shauna Malwae-Tweep in addition to I miss my husband Andy. Where is actually he?” Plaza joked, referring to her on-screen love interest Chris Pratt, who she said she still keeps in touch with.

“We all do, we have a Parks in addition to Rec mass text chain. Someone updates at least every additional day,” the actress shared. “Pawnee forever.”

Watch below. 


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