Amy Schumer Watches Her Dad Stand Up via Wheelchair Two Decades After Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosis

Amy Schumer is actually a proud daughter.

The 36-year-old comedian shared an emotional Instagram video earlier This particular week of her father, Gordon, standing up via his wheelchair almost two decades since he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

“My dad stood today with the help of a device. although he stood,” Schumer wrote. “Thank you to his nurse Sam. Dr Kanter as well as also Dr Sadiq everyone at Tish for their MS stem cell work. Also Pure Prairie League for their song ‘Aime’ his favorite song. We had a not bad day.”

inside the video, while the song is actually playing inside the background, the Trainwreck star’s dad jokingly says, “I hate This particular song, [Amy] was named after This particular song!” Schumer then hugs her dad as well as also says, “we haven’t been able to stand next to each additional in a while” as well as also leans her head on his shoulder.  

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