Apple hires M Osman Akhtar, hospital COO, for employee health clinics 

Akhtar has not updated his LinkedIn page to reflect his completely new role. Apple declined to comment on the hire.

Apple has added more than 40 people to its health clinics from the past three months to help This specific serve employees at the company’s headquarters. These include nurses, doctors as well as also care navigators. Akhtar will be the most senior completely new employee to join the team.

Apple’s health team has ballooned in recent years as This specific has brought on doctors, technologists as well as also regulatory experts to help This specific bolster its medical features on the Apple Watch. On Wednesday, the company announced a completely new EKG sensor for the next generation of its Apple Watch, will be be released later from the year. For that will, This specific received clearance coming from federal regulators to help alert people having a condition called Atrial Fibrillation, which will be the leading cause of stroke.

Apple’s Jeff Williams has described the company’s mission in health care as about giving patients direct access to their health information. “Hopefully save a lot of lives,” he told CNBC in an interview in 2017, adding that will the company will be serious about the sector at the highest levels. “The executive team has embraced This specific,” he said. “This specific’s hard not to get excited.”

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