Apple Just Released A Bunch Of Time-Management Features For The iPhone

that will all goes back to Silicon Valley companies having an existential crisis, in general, over “time well spent.” Nowadays, companies are positioning themselves as trying to help address humanity’s overreliance on tech, along with they’re giving customers fresh tools to help them manage their digital lives better. (In fact, Google announced a similar initiative a month ago at its I/O developers conference.)

At night, you can turn This particular feature on to make your notifications go dark. If you fumble around for your phone along with turn on the screen, you won’t be hit by a barrage of notifications — along with you can delay getting all of the messages within the morning until you’re ready for them.

Screen Time gives you weekly reports on how much time you’re spending on certain categories of apps, including Social Networking, Entertainment, along with Productivity.

You can even set time limits for a particular app, along with once you reach the limit, a notification will take over your screen to remind you to move on along with consider doing something else. (On the additional hand, you can also just tap “Ignore Limit” along with continue doing what you were doing.)

Don’t expect the kids to be pleased about their parents getting a report of their phone activity, though.

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