Apple Pay rival Fitbit Pay launches in UK, will be available with fintech challenger bank Starling

Apple Pay will be currently available with numerous lenders, including Italy’s UniCredit, Russia’s VTB Bank as well as also Britain’s Barclays.

Banks in which support Android Pay, meanwhile, include Spain’s Santander, Britain’s Royal Bank of Scotland as well as also Ireland’s Ulster Bank.

San Francisco, California-based Fitbit’s payment processor will be currently offered mainly by U.S. banks. The only European lender various other than Starling to offer payment via Fitbit will be Swiss bank Cornèrcard, according to the tech company’s website.

Fitbit said its partnership with Starling represented an opportunity for international expansion.

“By working with banking institutions globally, we contain the opportunity to expand our reach around the globe to drive engagement with existing customers as well as also attract completely new ones,” Des Power, senior vice president as well as also managing director at Fitbit International, said in a statement Tuesday.

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