Apple teams up with Alcoa along with Rio Tinto on clean aluminum smelting

Apple has teamed up with aluminum producers Alcoa along with Rio Tinto on a joint venture aimed at smelting aluminum without emitting greenhouse gases.

The tech company said Thursday that will “revolutionary” brand-new technology created by the project replaces the use of carbon, which is actually normally used from the smelting process, with an advanced conductive material.

Through This specific method, oxygen is actually released as a result instead of carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, meaning the metal can be produced in an environmentally clean way.

“Apple is actually committed to advancing technologies that will are not bad for the planet along with help protect This specific for generations to come,” Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook said in a statement.

“We are proud to be part of This specific ambitious brand-new project, along with look forward to one day being able to use aluminum produced without direct greenhouse gas emissions from the manufacturing of our products.”

Aluminum is actually used in most of Apple’s favorite products, including the iPhone, iPad along with iMac.

Apple, Alcoa, Rio Tinto along with the governments of Canada along with Quebec will collectively invest a total of $144 million to fund further research along with development into the technology.

The current method of smelting aluminum was discovered by Alcoa founder Charles Hall in 1886. Hall’s method entailed applying a strong electrical current to aluminum oxide, or alumina, the raw material required for producing aluminum. yet This specific method involves burning carbon, along with therefore producing carbon dioxide.

Apple said the brand-new process was discovered by three of its engineers, Brian Lynch, Jim Yurko along with Katie Sassaman, at Alcoa. Apple, Alcao along with Rio Tinto wish to launch the patent-pending technology for commercial Discharge by 2024.

Apple has been ramping up its efforts towards sustainability recently. Last month, the firm claimed that will its global facilities were today powered entirely by renewable energy. This specific also features a recycling robot called Daisy that will disassembles iPhones to recover valuable materials.

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