Apple Watch ECG sensor: Review

Apple Watch users can today take a reading of their heart’s electrical signal by holding a finger on the crown of the device.

On Thursday, customers with the Apple Watch Series 4 who install the latest software update can access a brand new feature to identify atrial fibrillation, a common form of an irregular heart rhythm, as well as opt in to more passive monitoring. Anyone over age 22 can use these brand new heart health features, although not all them are designed for people who have already been diagnosed with atrial fibrillation, or AFib, by their doctor.

All of This kind of has been inside works for years. Apple got a first-of-its-kind clearance for its electrocardiogram app through federal regulators in September after conducting a preclinical study with 2,000 people. the idea also did a clinical trial with 0 additional participants to ensure the idea could identify between a normal heartbeat, or sinus rhythm, along with also also atrial fibrillation. The company released data on its brand new features in a white paper, published on Thursday, as well as a physician-facing website.

Ahead of the launch, I’ve been playing with the device all week along with also also getting back information about my heart’s rhythm of which I’ve never seen before. Here’s how you can do the idea, too:

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