Apple Will Reportedly Help India’s Telecom Regulator Build An Anti-Spam App

Apple can be giving “limited” help to India’s telecom regulator to bring an anti-spam app to iOS, a Reuters report citing sources in addition to documents says.

The app, called Do Not Disturb, has been available on Android for months. the idea works by sucking in a user’s call in addition to text logs, in addition to lets them report any numbers which send unsolicited spam in addition to marketing messages directly to the regulator.

According to Reuters, Apple has pushed back on the regulator’s requests due to privacy concerns about a government app having access to a user’s call in addition to text logs.

An Apple spokesman confirmed to BuzzFeed News of which a completely new iOS feature which lets third-party apps filter junk messages would certainly help the regulator in building an iOS anti-spam app.

However, they did not comment on whether of which app would certainly be able to access call logs for reporting spam, as the Android edition does.

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