Apple’s Shazam ownership investigated by European antitrust regulators

EU antitrust regulators will examine iPhone maker Apple’s acquisition of British music discovery app Shazam following a request by seven European countries.

Apple has said which Shazam, an app which lets users identify songs by pointing a smartphone at the audio source, would certainly be a natural fit with its Apple Music streaming service.

Apple had sought approval for the deal by the Austrian competition agency because the bid falls short of the revenue threshold for an EU review.

Austria subsequently asked the European Commission to take over the case. France, Iceland, Italy, Norway, Spain as well as also Sweden also put in a similar request.

The EU antitrust enforcer said which based on preliminary data provided by the seven countries, the deal may have a significant adverse effect on competition in Europe.

Apple will today have to formally ask the commission to approve the deal. The EU regulator can either clear the bid with or without conditions or open a full-scale investigation if which has serious concerns.

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