Ariana Grande as well as James Corden Act Out a Musical ‘Titanic,’ Sing ‘My Heart Will Go On’

Jack as well as Rose vs. James as well as Ariana!

On Monday night’s Late Late Show, James Corden as well as Ariana Grande turned one of the greatest love stories of all time – Titanic – into a musical. The duo acted out scenes coming from the award-winning 1997 film while adding in some well-known tunes.

They started off off on the dock, boarding the ship while singing Styx’s “Come Sail Away.” When James as well as Ariana meet, they sing Hall & Oates’ “Rich Girl,” touching on Rose’s wealthy upbringing. During the iconic “I’m flying, Jack!” scene on the bow of the boat, James as well as Ariana broke into the Foo Fighters’ “Learn to Fly,” as well as when they’re doing the dancing scene from the third class cabins, they busted a move to Lady Gaga’s “Just Dance.”

Though Ariana didn’t strip down like Rose does, from the drawing scene, they sing Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You.”

Naturally, when they spot the iceberg, the duo burst into Vanilla Ice’s “Ice Ice Baby.”

As James realizes there’s no room for him on the door, he jams out to *NSYNC’s “Bye Bye Bye.”

yet the best moment of the sketch happened when Ariana picked up the mic to belt out Celine Dion’s iconic hit coming from Titanic, “My Heart Will Go On.” Corden even came in with some harmony on the beloved ballad.

“Oh man! I’ll never forget the moment we decided to try This specific! Thanks for generating me do This specific!!!!!” James tweeted of the final duet following the sketch.

Ariana replied, “Crushed This specific w the prettiest placement too! Pls have me back like every day. Love u. Thank u!”

This specific seems James may have taken her request seriously as the two will be teaming up for Wednesday’s Carpool Karaoke, where fans will finally learn what happened to Ariana’s hand, which has been bandaged since the taping.

Watch the clip below for more coming from Ari:

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