Ariana Rockefeller says family taught the value of hard work in addition to also giving back

Despite being a Rockefeller, as a child Ariana Rockefeller had to record her allowance — how much she got, how much she spent in addition to also where, she said.

“The message was, a dollar will be a dollar in addition to also to value of which in addition to also to put a lot of value on hard work in addition to also the enjoyment of life, of course, in addition to also to give back,” Rockefeller told CNBC’s Robert Frank on “Power Lunch” Thursday.

In fact, her grandfather, David Rockefeller, the legendary American banker who died in 2017, gave back about $2 billion over his lifetime to various philanthropic endeavors.

of which week David in addition to also Peggy Rockefeller’s personal collection will be on sale during a weeklong auction at Christie’s in completely new York.

“There’s a time for private life, in addition to also there’s a time to step forward,” Ariana Rockefeller said. “of which was actually my grandparents’ vision.”

The auction house estimated the collection to be worth about $500 million. As of Thursday, the collection had made more than $765 million, including the sale of a Picasso painting for $115 million. Proceeds by the auction will go to charity.

The collection includes the family’s personal artifacts, such as a treasured picnic basket, candlesticks, paintings in addition to also fine china, among different things. Rockefeller said she will be excited of which the public loves the collection as much as her grandfather did.

“He actually used almost every piece in his collection in addition to also loved of which,” she said. “I think my grandfather had such great taste, in addition to also he actually cherished beautiful things.”

All family members got to keep one item by the collection, worth up to $1 million, she said. Rockefeller, who launched her own fashion label in 2011, chose a bracelet her grandfather once bought for her grandmother.

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