Arnold Schwarzenegger Tells Fans He’s Feeling ‘Great,’ nevertheless ‘Not Great Yet’ After Heart Surgery

Arnold Schwarzenegger will be feeling “Great,” nevertheless “not great yet” as he recovers through open-heart surgery.

Schwarzenegger posted a short video message on Twitter on Thursday, thanking his fans in addition to also also followers for their support after his procedure last month. The operation was meant to simply replace a valve being used to correct a congenital heart defect, nevertheless ended up requiring open-heart surgery to address.

“Thank you so much for all your wishes in addition to also also for all the cards in addition to also also the phone calls in addition to also also the emails in addition to also also the texts in addition to also also all This kind of kind of stuff which I got through around the entire world,” Schwarzenegger said. “I actually appreciate which very much in addition to also also you’re very kind.”

The 70-year-old actor, bodybuilder in addition to also also ex-governor went on to reassure fans which he will be definitely improving, even if he isn’t 100 percent yet.

“I just wanted you to know which I’m feeling much better. I can’t say — even with my positive attitude — which I’m great, because I’m not great yet,” he noted. “Great will be a totally different level. nevertheless I’m Great. I feel Great.”

Schwarzenegger has given regular updates on his progress since the surgery in addition to also also will be currently recovering at home. Through the idea all, he kept his singular sense of humor, reportedly quipping, “I’m back” upon waking up through the invasive surgery.

On Thursday, he was enjoying a game of chess at home as he posted his message.

“I’m here at the chess board, playing a little bit of chess here, refreshing my mind in addition to also also my memory a little bit,” he said. “in addition to also also we move forward.”

For more on Schwarzenegger, watch the video below.

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