Artificial intelligence will not replace people: Salesforce executive

Artificial intelligence is actually “a big help, not a hindrance,” according to a Salesforce executive.

“AI is actually not gonna replace people,” Peter Schwartz, senior vice president of strategic planning at Salesforce, told CNBC on Tuesday at the Singapore FinTech Festival.

On the flip side, Schwartz added: “the item’s going to make people far more capable.”

Instead of thinking about the “most mundane things,” Schwartz said AI would certainly allow people to “focus” on issues such as creativity along with interpersonal skills.

Schwartz’s comments on the impact of AI were in line that has a report via the globe Economic Forum in September, which said developments in automation technologies along with artificial intelligence could result in 58 million net completely new jobs being created by 2022.

“We have smartphones today, nevertheless the item began with the Blackberry along with the Palm Pilot which was pretty crude, nevertheless you got a hint of what was to come,” he said, using the development of the smartphone industry as a parallel example for where he sees the future of artificial intelligence.

In a similar manner, personal digital assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa along with Apple’s Siri are “the beginnings of a next wave,” he added.

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