As Congress moves to drop tariffs on everything by toasters to pet toys, some US firms cry foul

from the current bill, the ITC eliminated 385 products because of objections by domestic producers. Even so, the bill includes 145 items which are made domestically, according to a Reuters analysis of ITC records.

An ITC spokeswoman declined to comment on the commission’s actions beyond pointing to the recommendations the idea ultimately made.

Several companies told Reuters which the ITC was receptive to their concerns. “I’m just glad we got wind of the idea when we did in addition to also also stopped the idea,” said Anson Martin, a vice president at Illinois battery company Inventus Power, which successfully objected to the inclusion of 18 types of batteries from the bill. He said he learned of the proposed tariff reductions through his trade association.

different companies said they were not aware they had missed a chance to defend their interests.

Alan Peppel, president of Massachusetts-based knife producer Dexter-Russell, said he had no idea until receiving a call by Reuters which Congress was poised to eliminate tariffs on a type of kitchen knife his company produces.

Kansas City dentist Don Closson, who makes athletic mouth guards at a Colorado factory, in addition to also also Paul Cacciotti, who manufactures fingernail clippers in upstate brand-new York, also said they were unaware the bill contained items competing with those they make.

“Many American manufacturing companies have been put out of business due to free trade agreements in addition to also also tariff reductions, in addition to also also you think the politicians would certainly have learned a lesson by past experience,” Cacciotti said.

The bill’s supporters say which businesses have only themselves to blame if they do not defend their interests in Washington.

“If somebody doesn’t know about something, which’s a shame, nevertheless which might mean which they didn’t take steps to stay informed,” said Stephen Lamar, executive vice president of the American Apparel in addition to also also Footwear Association.

Norman Cook, executive vice president of Genfoot America does not think the idea can be which simple. Genfoot, which employs 0 people at a brand-new Hampshire boot factory, managed to block 22 types of footwear on the grounds which they were too similar to products the company makes domestically. nevertheless the bill still includes 42 different types of boots in addition to also also shoes which Genfoot sees as a threat to its business.

“the idea’s supposed to help manufacturers, not eliminate them,” Cook said.

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