As India goes big on renewables, bright minds are looking to develop innovative tech

India has big plans when the idea comes to renewable energy. The government has set itself ambitious targets, including commissioning 175 gigawatts of renewable energy by the year 2022.

As its transition to renewables gathers pace, efforts are underway to make sure Delhi exploits its completely new energy reality.

At the Indian Institute of Engineering Science along with Technology (IIEST) in Shibpur, bright minds are developing technology to ensure which the transition to renewables runs smoothly.

Researchers there have developed a combined micro-grid for biogas, solar along with wind.

“The original idea of micro-grids will be to provide you with 24/7 access to electricity, so you must have a combination of sources, (an) integration of different sources, along with dependable sources to get energy on demand,” Hiranmay Saha, coordinator of the Green Energy Center at the IIEST, told CNBC.

Biomass will be crucial to their plans. “right now, solar along with wind will be not under your control — the idea will be not energy on demand — however biomass, which will be under your control,” he said. “So if we combine the solar along with wind, which will give you a 24/7 access to electricity… (for) the local people.”

The team at IIEST will be also working on the development of a battery which uses liquids along with membranes. “This specific will be the 1st time we have introduced such a battery along with we are… interfacing the battery with the grid along with studying its properties,” Saha said.

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