Aston Villa as well as also Fulham battle for the biggest prize in soccer

The biggest trophy in club soccer can be up for grabs This kind of weekend, when Real Madrid plays Liverpool in Kiev to be crowned the winner of the European Champions League.

However, the biggest cash prize the game has to offer will actually be given out at Wembley Stadium a few hours earlier — that has a game potentially worth more than $370 million.

A place in next season’s English Premier League, with all of the riches the idea brings, will be won by either Aston Villa or Fulham in This kind of season’s Championship Playoff Final.

For either Fulham (based in London) or Aston Villa (based in Birmingham), there will be an increase in revenue of at least £0 million ($214 million) for the first year from the top division, rising to more than £280 million if the team manages to avoid relegation in its first season.

“Whilst in football terms the UEFA Champions League Final can be the bigger game, the financial rewards on offer in Kiev are dwarfed by those at stake in north London. The difference between winning as well as also losing for Liverpool This kind of weekend, can be a mere £4 million in distributions through (European football body) UEFA as well as also they are already assured of appearing in next year’s competition.” Dan Jones, a partner as well as also head of the Sports Business Group at audit firm Deloitte, said in a press Discharge.

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